Pastor Chuck Sheridan 

How did it begin? 

Sometime in my teens I became acquainted with some bikers in my hometown. And then it seemed I always found bikers as my crowd. It didn’t prove to be the wisest of my choices. It was a lot of fun, but a lot of drama and trouble. Later when I was 22 I gave my life to Christ. I still rode my Harley and still hung out with other bikers but it became evident to me that this lifestyle was not helping me to be a better Christian. 

In 1982 I sold my Harley and went to Bible college. Some years later at the college in Winnipeg I met a man wearing a Christian patch. It made me curious. So I went and met up with these Christian riders. It was good. There was a sense of brothers and common interest. But in time I saw they were more interested in being together than reaching bikers. No other clubs or ride groups even knew they were in Winnipeg. 

Later that year the group started to crumble. So a few of us started a club with a mission to reach the hard core bikers. To make a presence amongst the Winnipeg biker community, and to be a witness of who Jesus is. We were Christian bikers who loved Jesus and motorcycles and who went to tell other riders and bikers about Jesus. We had a vision. We started a club on club ideals. 

In the beginning, there were brothers with a mission. And so Bondslave MC began in May 1989. 

We met in Sturgis S.D. at a biker church service. He was the big guy who was sitting at the end of church bench. At that time Mac and his brothers wore a different Christian patch. Mac Stone was a big biker with a beard and hair on top. I was slighter with a long moustache and more hair on top. My friend Mac passed away May 14 2009 after some health issues. 

 In the early 90’s Mac rode a really radical Kawasaki 1000 cc hardtail chopper. I asked him if we could trade bikes and go for a ride. It was August 1990. Loaning me his bike, he proved to be a brother. In the years to come we visited back and forth across the border. He lived in Princeton MN. I was in Winnipeg MB. Somehow we both knew we shared the same vision. To reach hardcore bikers for Jesus. 

One time the Princeton chapter joined us at a town park in Carman Manitoba. It was May long weekend and it rained lots. A local church opened its doors to us and we all camped in the church for the weekend. Soon the meeting was an annual event. Each May we would travel south or they would travel north to Canada for a visit in May. It seems to me, BMC had to put on more miles than their club. Something about going north isn’t their preferred direction. Perhaps fear of snow! 

Sometime in 1993 it became evident that Mac and his chapter were looking for a different patch. It seemed to be right so at the Sturgis Rally in 1993 is when Bondslave MC Canada first gave use of their name to these other brothers. Our vision was the same. Our relationship as brothers was solid and it seemed to fit. 

Over the years the two clubs have grown and while everyone may know who the founders are, they don’t personally know the story, nor hold the relationship that brought it all into play. Something had to be put in agreement for the up coming generations to know. 

So on August 10, 1993 a meeting was held in Sturgis, South Dakota between Bondslave Biker Ministry M.C. and Bond-Slaves Motorcycle Club. 

At this meeting, an official agreement was made between the clubs.  It was agreed that they would be in covenant together, to pray for one another and to honour one another in accordance with the scripture Romans 12:10. 

Therefore, we now have an alliance and an affiliation to one another.  As a result, a support unity patch had been designed to be added to our current colours.  The patches differed but this addition shows a unity and is now officially was part of each club’s colours. 

Each club maintained its own anonymity in regards to bylaws, but shared territory and membership privileges with each other.  This list may include club property, t-shirts, crests, membership recognition and position etc.. 

We then agree to consider one another as brothers and sisters as if it was one club, always giving honour and preference to the other. 

Through the years, both clubs grew and expanded. The vision went  from a chapter in Winnipeg and another in Minnesota to being national and then international. All with the purpose of telling other bikers about Jesus. When we fail at that, then we are just an imitation.