This is the home of the BONDSLAVES MOTORCYCLE CLUB. The club was founded in 1989 in Winnipeg, Manitoba [The Mother Charter] and is the oldest International Christian MC in the world. We have established chapters throughout Canada and the USA. BONDSLAVES MC is a traditional club and wears a 3-Piece patch. Our members ride North American made bikes only (i.e. Harley, Indian and Victory.) 

Our members pray for all people regardless of club affiliation or the lack there of.  1 Timothy 2:1-3 "First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for ALL people" 

We love Jesus, love to ride and have a big heart for the motorcycle community. If you are interested in learning more about BONDSLAVES MC check out the rest of our site and then email us through our /contact page.

The History of the Bondslaves MC

Sometime back in the early 80's a group of men heard God's call. There was a large movement of God's Holy Spirit throughout the biker community and Christian clubs for bikers and biker churches started to emerge. 

The year was 1989 and there was a burning in the heart of Pastor Chuck Sheridan and others in Winnipeg Manitoba to reach out with the Gospel amongst hard core bikers and their subculture. The seeds of what biker ministry could/should look like were being sown. Compassionate. Accepting. Culture sensitive. Bible focused and worship relevant. To this end, the Bondslave Motorcycle Club was born.  Meanwhile a group of Americans led by Mac Stone had also heard God's call and formed a club called The Royal Priesthood. This club was ultimately folded and the Americans formed Sons of Thunder. 

While attending the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally held in Sturgis South Dakota in 1990, Pastor Chuck met Mac Stone. The Canadian Bondslave MC saw an incident that came about that was a conflict in the Christian biker community, that should not happen. The Canadians then approached Mac Stone and his club and offered them the use of their patch. They shook hands and parted ways. The next number of years would be spent encouraging each other, attending rallies, meeting people where they were and spreading the Good News. 

In August of 1993, a formal agreement was reached between the men of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada and Princeton, Minneapolis, USA. It was agreed that the clubs would enter into covenant together, to pray for, support and challenge each other according to the scriptures. Each club has it autonomy but would share membership privileges. The clubs wore a unity patch that featured each others patch on it.   

Both clubs’ patches evolved over the years but remained different until God revealed a vision for one unified club with one patch. The agreement was made to adopt the Canadian center patch and the American wording to create a truly international club. 

The mother charter of the Bondslave Motorcycle Club located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, has faithfully served as the evangelism arm/team of House of the Risen Son Ministries ever since. The club not only provides accountability and support amongst its members but serves a key role in discipling all the men of the congregation, members and non members alike as they live in community. 

The club continue to grow in Canada and the USA and have built strong relationships within the motorcycle community. BONDSLAVES MC will celebrate 30 years of ministry in 2019 and is in fact the oldest International Christian Motorcycle Club in North America!

Chuck Sheridan and Mac Stone in the 90's

The original Canadian patches as they evolved.

The Canadian and American Patches just prior to unification